Empowering Your Plate: The Role of Supplements in a Plant-Centric Diet

Empowering Your Plate: The Role of Supplements in a Plant-Centric Diet

It’s popular to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet these days but are you feeling energised and healthy staying on it?


There is no single or healthiest way to eat, and those eating a plant-based diet need to be diligent about nutrition just like everyone else. I hear many of my clients saying but I eat well, but often, this may not be enough. How wonderful that 3 key nutritional vitamins and minerals, which I see are the building blocks of a strong immunity and digestion, are now available in capsule form by Martin & Pleasance. 

Simply eating a plant-based diet does not provide the key to solve all your health problems; the key is in fine tuning your diet with supplements that are wholesome and complex delivering the nutrition to the cells of your body requires. 

Of course, a well-planned vegetarian or vegan diet can be perfectly healthy for people all throughout their lifecycle. But the truth is, no matter what your eating patterns, you still need to be mindful of getting all the nutrients your body needs. Your body needs to be protected and good eating is one part of the wellness jigsaw as is selecting supplements that you can easily digest and become bio-available accelerating your health daily. 

Choosing a plant-based diet is very popular and we all know that plants have essential nutrients that you cannot get from other foods.  These include vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants in plants that help keep your cells healthy and your body in balance so that your immune system can function at its best. 

Selecting plant based complex nutrients supports the diet you are choosing and provides the body with the nutrition is needs in order to be energised and healthy.

The 3 key nutrients – Iron, calcium and vitamin D all play a role in building a strong immunity with added vitality. We know that calcium is important in building strong bones and healthy teeth, but if there isn’t enough vitamin D in the body, it cannot provide the muscles with the nutrition they need. Adding a plant based calcium from algae not only gives you highly bio-available calcium but may also provide you with magnesium and over 70 trace minerals that become the building blocks of calcium. 

Same with a plant based vitamin D, it is linked to every bodily function in some way or another. We always link vitamin C with immunity, and may think if we eat lots of oranges, our immunity will be fine; however vitamin D is just as important or even more important than vitamin C in building a strong immunity. In my mind they go hand in hand. Did you know that when you are low in vitamin D, you cannot properly absorb your calcium from your intestine? 

Everyone knows that if we don’t get enough iron, we cannot make enough haemoglobin, limiting our ability to deliver the oxygen we need throughout our body. Following a plant based diet over time I believe will fall short of the iron we need and this is why I am encouraging a plant based complex iron capsule to further support your health.

I have never believed that simply taking an iron supplement is enough – bioavailability & absorption is critical with any iron supplementation. Choosing a plant based iron supplement, such as one made from standardised curry leaf along with spinach leaf, broccoli sprout, beet, collard and asparagus, delivers a good plant based source of iron that is also gentle on the digestion system and more easily absorbed.

There is so much more to be said about plant based nutrition and it is a good start to add more iron, calcium and vitamin D to your health regime, especially if you have chosen to follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.



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