The Ultimate Summer Beauty Secret for Maintaining Your Tan Throughout the Year

The Ultimate Summer Beauty Secret for Maintaining Your Tan Throughout the Year

Ready to flaunt a stunning sunless tan this summer? Discover our selection of the finest fake tans, gradual tanners, and tanning lotions that promise a beautiful, natural-looking tan without any sun exposure.



Prep with Exfoliation

Begin with a gentle exfoliation to remove dry skin and any residual oils, ensuring a smooth canvas for an even tan application. Opt for either a scrub mitt or a body exfoliant. Timing Your Hair Removal


Plan to remove body hair the night before your tanning session, not on the same day. Applying tan right after hair removal can lead to a speckled skin appearance due to the solution settling in hair follicles. Essential Tanning Accessories


Aim for radiant skin without the dreaded orange palms. Using a tanning mitt from exfoliation through to application not only helps achieve an even tan but also prevents staining your hands. Selecting the Perfect Product


Moogoo Gentle Exfoliating Micro Powder 75g
Bondi Sands Application Mitt



Top Picks for Tan Lotions


Ideal for beginners, most gradual tan lotions are light and build up color day by day. They're versatile for both face and body application. They resemble regular moisturizers, so remember to wash your hands immediately after applying, or use a mitt for a mess-free experience. 


Bondi Sands GLO Matte One Day Tan 100mL
Bondi Sands GLO Matte One Day Tan 100mL



Top Picks for Foaming Tan Lotions

For a richer, longer-lasting tan, foam applications are effortless and result in a beautiful, natural look. These foams generally last for days, requiring no reapplication. Apply, wait as per instructions, then rinse. They’re known for their streak-free, flawless finish.


For those with dry skin, tanning oils offer hydration and a silky finish. They work well on tricky areas like knees and elbows, ensuring an even, bronzed glow while nourishing the skin. Welcome, summer radiance! 


For an immediate tan, Bondi Sands' Aero foam delivers a dreamy tan in just an hour. This quick-drying formula comes in light or dark shades to suit your preference, ensuring a fast and fabulous tan.

Bondi Sands Aero Self Tanning Foam 225mL - Dark
Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Dark 200mL



Top Picks for Tan Mists

Mists are great for quick and easy application, drying upon contact and ideal for a fuss-free tanning routine. Perfect for beginners, they provide a subtle, even glow and are a time-saver for those busy mornings. Ideal Fake Tan Oils 

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Face Mist 1 Hour Express 70mL
Bondi Sands GLO Matte One Day Tan Mist 97mL


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